3 Tips For Choosing Window Shades

There are plenty of window treatments on the market that may work for your home. Window treatments include anything from blinds to curtains and everything in between. One window treatment that remains popular with homeowners is window shades. Shades are versatile, look good in various styles of home, and come in many styles and colors. If you are looking into window shades for your windows, here are three tips that can help you find the right fit. [Read More]

Replacement Window Options That Can Change The Look Of Your Home

Most people don't think of replacement windows as a decorative element. Rather, they are, first and foremost, a means of increasing energy efficiency and getting rid of leaks. But if you're already getting new replacement windows for your home, you might as well choose ones that boost your home's style, too! You don't even have to go out of your way to buy artistic or specialized replacement windows. These basic features, which are offered on almost all replacement windows, can change the look of your home. [Read More]

Have Motorized Window Shades Installed To Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly

Having the right window treatments installed in your windows can be a good way to make sure that you have the privacy that's important to you, as well as making sure that they're the right match for your home. If you have pets that are free to roam in your home, it's so important to carefully choose window shades that will be safe to use around them. Rather than pick up any window shades, you can carefully look for shades that are motorized so that they're easier to use and have other benefits as well. [Read More]

3 Ways That Window Installation Can Improve Comfort In Your Home

Making your home feel more comfortable is a goal that you can accomplish in many ways, such as by installing a fireplace or replacing furniture with plushier pieces. If you are determined to enjoy multiple benefits when making any substantial change to your home, you may want to prioritize new window installation because it can provide your family with several incredible benefits. Warmth While you can warm up while inside your house in a variety of ways such as putting on an extra layer of clothing, covering up with a blanket, or turning on the heater, you will find that these options do not provide the same kind of warmth as sitting in the sun and soaking up the rays. [Read More]