5 Features Your Home's New Impact Windows Should Have

When replacing your home's windows with storm-resistant impact options, it's important to hire an experienced contractor to avoid improper installation and the loss of energy efficiency as time goes on due to air leaks. And if you don't hire a contractor to install the new windows, there is a chance that your manufacturer's warranty will become void. But before consulting with prospective contractors, it is a good idea to figure out which impact windows you want to install. [Read More]

3 Things To Know About Windows

Your house has a lot of different areas you should concern yourself with. This being the case, many people tend to forget about their windows. That is, until they find they are suddenly having problems due to their neglect. Here are 3 things you should know about your windows: 1: Regular windows allow the sun to bleach your home If you have regular single paned windows and tend to keep your blinds open to allow the sunlight to come in, know that the sun can cause your furniture and floors to become bleached out and lighter over time. [Read More]

3 Nifty Window Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Windows add value to your home and help to allow natural light in, but when it comes time to clean up all those windows in your house, you may find yourself questioning why you need so many windows anyway. If there is one household maintenance task that can be frustrating and just down right hard work, it is keeping windows clean. You could spend hours scrubbing and wiping only to peer out and see that your view is clouded after a few short days. [Read More]

Guidelines For Maintaining Your Windows And Doors

Your windows and doors are more than just aesthetic fixtures -- they are entry points for energy in your home. This means that if your windows and doors are not up to par, your home will be less thermally efficient and more wasteful. Further, 30 percent of burglaries take place when a thief gains access to doors or windows -- so bad locks can make your home a serious security liability. [Read More]