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4 Key Features That Make Double-Glazed Replacement Windows A Good Investment

A new window installation affords homeowners the opportunity to explore new options. Whole-house window replacements should be viewed as investments. The decision to upgrade is often related to outdated windows that are single pane. Double-paned windows are sometimes referred to as double-glazed windows. There are features that should be considered when planning a window install. The following points identify a few features and the benefits double-glazed options offer.

Energy Efficiency

It is helpful to understand the construction of these types of windows. There are two panes that have an insulated gap between them. The insulation area is effective at reducing the heat or cold temperatures from outdoors. This can result in less energy being required to heat and cool homes. Less energy consumption results in financial savings for homeowners and is eco-friendly. Homeowners who have an interest in improving their energy efficiency should include window upgrades in their project plans. Old drafty windows are a common cause of energy loss. A window installation involves replacing components of window systems such as the panes, frames, and seals. 


This is a common phenomenon that makes windows appear like they are sweating. New double-glazed windows give homeowners the opportunity to obliterate condensation nuisances. Condensation is usually the result of insulation issues. The insulated gap reduces the instances of condensation taking place. Repeat condensation as seen on single-pane windows can lead to damaged windows that deteriorate from repeat moisture exposure. 


The presence of extra pain offers the first layer of security. Homeowners can discuss more ways to make their replacement windows secure. It is helpful to consider what type of glass to install. Tempered glass is an option that offers durability. It is harder to break than traditional glass. There are different grades of traditional glass. A window installer can help homeowners compare glass types. The sturdier the glass the better protection it will be able to offer during a break-in attempt. Keep in mind that some thieves may be deterred by the presence of double-glazed windows because of familiarity with their durability.

Noise Pollution

The design of double-glazed windows offers impressive noise reduction. The gap between panes has inert gases trapped inside that form an insulation barrier. Old single panes are usually not firmly installed. On windy days the glass may rattle and be disturbing. However, double-glazed windows will feature firmly installed glass and better overall window construction than older options.

A window installation company is a good resource to use to learn more about double-glazed windows and other types of replacement windows. They can answer your questions about other options such as triple-glazed windows.