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Need A New Entry Door? 3 Things To Know

If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your entryway, a new door is an excellent option. Entry doors impact your curb appeal and your home's security. A new door can improve the appearance of your home's exterior and keep you and your family safer from intruders. There are plenty of entry doors that may suit your home, and your decision will depend on what will complement your home and fit your budget. Here are three things to know if you need a new entry door.

There Are Many Options

Entry doors are available in many styles, materials, and colors. Finding a suitable fit for your entryway is easier than ever with all of the options on the market. Entry doors are usually made of wood, fiberglass, or steel, but other materials are available. You will also have an array of entry door styles to choose from, including single or double doors, storm doors, and even sliding doors. Look at as many options as possible before deciding to find a suitable door for your home's entry. 

What You Want To Spend

Since entry doors come in many styles and materials, they also are available at many price points. Knowing how much you can put toward a new entry door is crucial before you start shopping. You will want to consider the cost of the new door and the installation when formulating your budget. Entry door installation will usually cost between $800 to $2,000. The most affordable entry doors are single pre-hung options, while custom and double entry doors tend to be the priciest. Knowing what you can spend ahead of time will make selecting a new entry door easier.

How Long Installation Takes

If you need a new entry door, you'll want to consider how long the installation will take. Professional entry door installation will ensure that your door is installed correctly and is also faster than doing the work yourself. Professional entry door installation typically takes two hours or less, while tackling this work on your own will take you five to seven hours. If you want your new door in place quickly, professional installation is the way to go. 

There are a few things to know if you require a new entry door. First, you have many options, and you'll want to shop around to find the most suitable entry door for your home. Second, knowing how much you want to spend on entry door installation is vital. Finally, installation time varies depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.