Let In A Little More Natural Light

Reasons To Get A Skylight And Options To Compare When You're Picking Out One To Buy

If your home doesn't get enough natural light and you can't open your blinds due to privacy concerns, then consider getting a skylight put in. A skylight usually goes right underneath the roof, but it might be possible to create a light shaft in the attic floor so you can get light below the attic in your kitchen or another living area. Here's why a skylight is a nice feature for your home to have and a look at different skylight products for sale.

Why Get A Skylight

It can be depressing to live in a home that doesn't get much natural light. A skylight can provide ample light to any room you might need it in. In addition, if you put the light on the south or west side of your roof, you might also get the benefits of solar warming in the winter. Plus, you might open the skylight to allow for passive ventilation, much like an attic fan that lets heat escape through the top of your home.

What To Compare When Looking For A Skylight

When you look at skylight products for sale, you'll find different sizes and shapes. Some are made of glass and others are made of plastic. A plastic dome skylight might be nice if you have a lot of trees that hang over your roof because leaves won't accumulate on the dome surface. However, leaves might cover a flat skylight in the fall.

You can opt for a skylight that opens or get one that stays shut. If you get one that opens, you'll probably want a screen for the skylight so bugs and squirrels stay out of your house. The good thing about a skylight is that it is on the roof, so you don't have to worry about privacy or security. You won't need a curtain and you can leave the skylight open when you're home.

You might want insulated glass if you choose a glass skylight, and if you want to avoid solar warming, you might even get tinted glass. One of the first things to decide is where you'll have a roofer install the skylight, as that might determine the size and type of skylight you get.

Some are small and shaped like tunnels so they don't take up much room on the roof, yet they can add a lot of natural light to any room in your home. Others are large, and these can provide a spectacular view from a converted attic room or your bedroom so you can watch the sky during the day or night for relaxation.

To learn more about skylights, contact a window service in your area such as Sky Light Source.