What Is Window Flashing?

When you have a window installed, it is important to understand all the different components of the window and how each component works together to protect your home. Most people know about the glass pane and the window frame. One part of the window installation process that is often overlooked is the flashing. The flashing is an important part of installing a window, as it protects the area around your window and home from water leaks. [Read More]

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient With New Windows And Doors

Heating and cooling your home shouldn't cost more than the mortgage payment every month. Doors and windows that do not seal tightly can allow air to get in or out of the house around them. The efficiency of the heating and cooling system will be reduced as a result, and the cost of operating it will be higher.  Checking For Air Leaks Checking the doors and windows in your home for air leaks is relatively simple. [Read More]

There's A Storm Brewing: What You Need To Know About Your Storm Shutters

If you live along the eastern seaboard, you've got to be concerned about hurricanes. One good storm can wipe out your home. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to protect your home from storm damage. One of those ways is by installing storm shutters on your home. If you haven't installed storm shutters on your home, now's the time to take care of that. If you're thinking that plywood will provide you with the protection you need, you're not entirely correct. [Read More]

Why Would You Have To Have Your Shutters Custom Made?

Much like any other home fixture or feature, you can either go out and buy already made shutters for your windows or go directly to a company and have the shutters custom made. A lot of homeowners wrongly assume that having the shutters custom made is unnecessary because you can get the same thing already built at just about any retailer. However, there are specific situations when buying custom shutters is the more logical thing to do. [Read More]