How To Replace A Single-Paned Glass Window In A Wooden Frame

Baseballs and windows seem meant for each other in the springtime. If you have kids playing baseball in the yard, it sometimes looks as if it's only a matter of time before a baseball gets either hit or thrown through one of your windows. You'll have to fix the window quickly if you don't want bugs or spring rains coming into your home. Here is how to fix a single-paned glass window set into a wood frame.

2 Ways Clear Window Film Can Benefit Your Health And Your Home

At first, it may sound strange to hear the words "clear" and "window tint" in the same sentence. After all, many people who live in very sunny areas opt to have window tinting in their homes to block out some bright sunlight. It may surprise you, but clear window film is actually very popular and can benefit you and your home in many ways.  1. Clear Window Film Protects Your Family's Health