Let In A Little More Natural Light

3 Things To Know About Windows

Your house has a lot of different areas you should concern yourself with. This being the case, many people tend to forget about their windows. That is, until they find they are suddenly having problems due to their neglect. Here are 3 things you should know about your windows:

1: Regular windows allow the sun to bleach your home

If you have regular single paned windows and tend to keep your blinds open to allow the sunlight to come in, know that the sun can cause your furniture and floors to become bleached out and lighter over time. Your nice black couch can turn a brownish color and that plush brown carpet can start to look tan in the areas where the sun hits it the most.

A good solution for this is to put tint on the windows. The tint will cause the sun to bounce back off of the windows so it can't damage your things anymore. However, enough light can still come in to help brighten up the inside of your house on those nice days. A nice pair of custom window shades that you can pull closed will also help you protect the inside of your home. Custom window shades made by companies like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory can also add a nice touch to the look of your home.

2: Regular windows can cost you more on your cooling bill

A regular single paned window also allows the heat from the sun to soak right into the house and on very hot days this can make the house uncomfortably hot. You'll have to compensate for this by turning your air conditioner down lower, which will raise the cost of your power bill.

This is another thing tinting your windows can help with. It will keep the heat from the sun from just coming into the house. Also, having those single paned windows replaced with more energy efficient double paned ones will help. Putting up awnings can also help to shade the windows to prevent some of that heat from entering.

3: Window panes can become weak with age or damaged by the weather or termites

There are many reasons a window pane can start to deteriorate. When this happens it can cause gaps around the window and the frame that can let the outside weather in. Those same gaps can also let other things in, such as bugs or other small pests. If your frames are getting to the point of being questionable, then you want to take action as soon as possible. Besides dealing with other issues already listed, you will also have an increased chance of the window breaking because it isn't properly secured in place.