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Guidelines For Maintaining Your Windows And Doors

Your windows and doors are more than just aesthetic fixtures -- they are entry points for energy in your home. This means that if your windows and doors are not up to par, your home will be less thermally efficient and more wasteful. Further, 30 percent of burglaries take place when a thief gains access to doors or windows -- so bad locks can make your home a serious security liability. Take advantage of these window and door maintenance tips, so that your home is kept intact and in the best condition. 

Learn To Care For Your Glass And Framing

If you have a glass window or door, you'll need to understand how to clean the glass, while still taking care of the framing that is built around it. In terms of frame care, a little bit of mild soap and water goes a long way toward keeping it free of dirt and grime. You can do the same with your glass, making sure that you clean and dry the door thoroughly with a rag or towel. Doing this will protect both the integrity and clarity of your door, maintaining its aesthetic quality and durability. 

Make It Weatherproof

When you want your glass door or window to last and remain viable over the years, weatherproofing is one of the most critical steps that you can take. Properly weatherproofing your fixtures will allow you to deal with wind, precipitation and temperature changes, while still keeping your home thermally efficient. Something as inexpensive as a window cover or new weather stripping will prevent your home from becoming drafty. This in turn allows you to keep your heating bills low, in addition to preserving your comfort. Adding white blinds or drapes to your glass door or window also allows you to control the amount of sunlight and heat that enters. 

Get Periodic Professional Inspections

Taking advantage of the help that door and window repair professionals provide will allow you to keep them intact. The best way to handle this is through periodic inspections by a window and door company. These professionals will make sure that your doors and windows are structurally sound and able to provide you with the help that you need. Staying proactive, rather than reactive, also allows you to avoid needing serious repairs or a replacement. 

Follow these tips, so that the doors and windows in your home are always well cared for.