Let In A Little More Natural Light

3 Nifty Window Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Windows add value to your home and help to allow natural light in, but when it comes time to clean up all those windows in your house, you may find yourself questioning why you need so many windows anyway. If there is one household maintenance task that can be frustrating and just down right hard work, it is keeping windows clean. You could spend hours scrubbing and wiping only to peer out and see that your view is clouded after a few short days. Thankfully, there are a few tried and true methods that can help you keep your windows looking good without all of the extra hassle. 

Take it easy on the suds.

A lot of homeowners just concoct their own window cleaning solution using dish soap and warm water. This basic solution will definitely help to bust grime and make your windows shine when wiped away. However, take it easy on the amount of dish soap you use when you are going for this method. If your water is too sudsy, you will spend more time trying to wipe away the soapy film than anything else. Furthermore, the excess soap will just leave your windows looking dingy after a few days. 

Skip the excessive scrubbing with paper towels or crumpled newspapers. 

There are tips all over the Internet about how using crumpled newspaper or paper towels is the best way to get your windows sparkling clean. However, rubbing vigorously with paper products will build up a static charge on the window. This static charge will just attract dust and dirt once you are done like a magnet. It is a much better idea to use a simple squeegee to wipe away the cleaning solution with one swipe and this is actually a much easier way to get your windows clean. 

There should be a pattern to your cleaning strokes. 

If you do need to scrub your windows, avoid the temptation to scrub and wash in a circular motion like you do if you are washing a car or a table. You will be much more likely to see streaks from grime leftover if you scrub in this pattern. Instead, wash the windows in a sweeping back and forth motion or up and down. This pushes grime out from the center of the glass to the edges of the window frame where it can just be wiped away when you are done. 

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