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4 Reasons Windows Fail

Windows don't always last forever. For a variety of reasons, windows can eventually fail.

Window Failure Reason #1: Poor Installation

One of the major reasons that windows fail is because they are not installed properly. Installing windows properly requires special skills and training in order to place and seal the window in a way that will not damage the window or your home. Poorly installed windows shorten the life of your windows and put your home at risk for water damage.  

Your window installation should always be handled by a professional who will put the window in right and make sure that it is properly sealed. Hire a qualified professional to install your windows. Plus, when you hire a professional to install your windows, their work should be backed up by a guarantee. Paying for a professional means you will not have to replace your windows as soon.  

Window Failure Reason #2: Accidental Damage

The second reason that windows fail is that they suffer accidental damage. Maybe a baseball goes through the window. Maybe your window suffers storm damage. Or maybe something else came flying through your window. Once the glass is broken, and the integrity of the window is compromised, the window needs to be replaced.  

Window Failure Reason #3: Neglect

The third reason that windows fail is because of neglect. Using harsh cleaning chemicals or power washing your windows can damage the glass and break down the seal around the glass that keeps everything in place. If you have wood window frames, you need to keep the frame sealed or well painted so that the frame doesn't crack, rot, or warp. If you have a metal window frame, you'll need to make sure that the frame doesn't rust.  

Window Failure Reason #4: Old Age

Fourth, your window may fail just because it is old. Windows aren't made to last forever and it may just be time to take your window down, recycle it, and replace the window with a new one. If your window is a single-paned window, it has probably reached the end of its life. The great thing is when you take out your windows, you can recycle both the glass and the frame.  

If your windows have failed for any reason, work with a professional to replace your windows. They will ensure the best replacement windows are used on your home and they are properly installed. New windows will help keep your home cozy, increase the curb appeal, and take away the stress of caring for old windows.

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