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Cheap Window Cleaning Tips

Your windows might not be something you clean often, but at some point you look at them and realize that they're getting dusty or dirty. Cleaning them off cheaply is simple, so try some of these materials for your task.

Diluted Vinegar

Watered-down vinegar is a smart solution for cleaning windows, particularly if you're trying to keep them free from mold. Vinegar is anti-fungal and is reputed to kill bacteria too. Dipping sponges or absorbent cloths in diluted vinegar cleans window panes easily.

Diluted Ammonia

With a house containing anyone who smokes cigarettes, one of the main reasons you're cleaning the windows in the first place could be that you're seeing a thin film on them from nicotine and smoke. Other methods can be attempted, but a good way to clean away those substances is using diluted ammonia.  The liquid must sit on the windows for a bit to dampen the grime, but then you should be able to wipe them clean after just a few moments. If the window surface hasn't been cleaned in a while and there's thick buildup, you may need a few application and wipe sessions. You can also try a small brush for scrubbing stubborn buildup.

Rubbing Alcohol

A common concern for anyone cleaning their windows is that streaks seem inevitable. Even after cleaning, streaks can appear across your windows and cause frustration. Luckily, you can handle them by taking an old sock or rag, dousing it with some rubbing alcohol, and wiping down streaks as you see them.


If you don't feel like getting anything wet, don't have much time to mix liquids or just want to do a quick cleaning job, you can't get much easier than crinkled up newspaper. Crinkle some in your hand and use the paper as if it were a sponge. Smudges and dust should wipe away.

Floor Wax

It can be disappointing to watch dust build up on the sills of your windows after you've cleaned them. A smart thing to do is to apply a thin coating of floor wax to all the windowsills in the house. The wax acts as a barrier, repelling dust and dirt.

Once you see how simple cleaning off the windows is, you may resolve to do it frequently. Find your favorite technique and add it to your regular cleaning schedule. If you'd like, commercial cleaning services, such as A-Plus Window Cleaning, can also help out.