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Window Replacement Considerations: Features You Need

One of the things that homeowners often underestimate is the value of quality windows. If your current windows are drafty or inadequate, you might be thinking that it's time to replace them with new ones. While it's easy to call a local window installation contractor and just have them replaced with the most cost-effective solution, you should consider some of the more convenient features available on the market today. There are many things that can make your life easier and improve your comfort in your home. Here's a look at some of the things to discuss with your window installation contractor.

Ease of Cleaning

Windows are often one of the biggest challenges in house cleaning. If you want to be sure that your home's windows are as easy as possible to keep clean, talk with your window installation contractor about tilt-in windows. These are windows that pivot on the window frame so that you can tip them inward to clean the outside of the glass with ease. Especially for second-story windows, this is a convenience that you may not have thought of but will never want to be without. You won't have to worry about pressure washing or other exterior interventions that often leave streaks because you can clean your windows easily from right inside your house.

Safety Features

Modern windows have come a long way in terms of the available safety features. Invest in impact glass if you live somewhere with severe weather or if you're worried about home security. Impact glass is manufactured to resist damage from impact, so you have less risk of broken windows due to hurricane damage or even would-be intruders. You can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your home is more secure.

Added Film Coatings

Not only are there features for cleaning and security, but you can also choose windows with added film coatings for other benefits. The right UV filter coating will help protect your furnishings, your carpets, and your family from excess ultraviolet ray exposure. The sun's rays can cause fading to your upholstery and put your family at increased risk of skin cancer. However, you don't want to have to keep the blinds closed all day. Instead, have your window installer choose glass with a UV filter coating so you can keep your blinds open without worrying about the dangers of the sun.

If you are installing new windows on your home, get the most for your money with the right investments.

For more info about window replacement, contact a local company.