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Adding Impact Windows To Your Home

Impact windows are an option that provides your home with enhanced security and protection. While these windows are standard in many newer homes, older houses may be less likely to have high-quality impact windows installed.  

Impact Windows Can Protect Against Storms And Crime 

Protecting the home against storm damage is the most common benefit of impact windows. These windows are less prone to break or fail during high wind events when impacts from debris may occur. In addition to reducing storm damage, impact windows can make the home safer against crime. Criminals will have a much harder time breaking through these windows. As a result, they are denied easy entry into the house. These impact window benefits are so effective that many insurance carriers will offer premium discounts for properties with them installed.

The Glass Is Not The Only Impact Resistant Material In These Windows

Homeowners are often under the impression that impact glass panes are the only difference between these and standard windows. In reality, there are many other design and manufacturing differences. For example, the materials used in impact-resistant windows will be much stronger and better capable of withstanding strong blows. These materials may also be more flexible. This flexibility may seem like it indicates the windows are weaker. However, enhanced flexibility can allow the force from impacts to be absorbed by the frame. Without this ability, the window frame may be more prone to cracking.

Security Is Not The Only Benefit Of Choosing Impact Windows

Security is the primary reason to install impact windows, but they may provide a couple of other benefits. These windows are generally far more durable than standard windows. As a result, they may have a considerably longer lifespan than more basic windows. Furthermore, these windows' exceptional design and construction quality can improve their energy efficiency. These benefits may result in significantly lower lifetime ownership and replacement costs.

Impact Windows Can Be An Attractive Addition To Your House

Impact windows offer a host of important practical benefits to your home. However, they can be an attractive addition to the house. Modern impact windows can blend seamlessly into a home's design. Those living in older or historic homes may assume impact windows are not an option if they are to preserve the house's appearance. Yet, some suppliers can custom-make impact windows to meet the needs of their clients. Using these services allows even historic homes can enjoy the protection of impact windows while preserving their look.

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