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Why Should You Have Impact Resistant Windows?

Do you live in a hurricane-prone area, and are wondering if you should upgrade to impact-resistant windows? If so, you likely have some questions about this type of window that can keep your home safe.

How Are Impact Windows Tested?

The reason that you can be sure that impact windows will protect your home is because of the way that they are tested. They are actually put into a controlled environment where 2x4s are launched at the window glass at high speeds that simulate a hurricane.

If the windows can consistently withstand the impact test, then they are tested to see how well they can withstand wind and water, since you don't want those elements to penetrate the window and get into the home at all. Once all tests are passed, the window is approved to be sold as hurricane windows.

How Do Impact Windows Work Better Than Normal Windows?

There are multiple layers of glass that make up an impact-resistant window. The outer layer is going to be made out of tempered safety glass, which will break on impact. However, the inside layer is very similar to a windshield. 

There are two pieces of glass that have a laminate layer in between them for added protection. This allows the window to crack from high impacts, but it should not shatter and allow any pieces of glass to enter your home. The laminate layer also helps create that seal that keeps the air and rain out. 

Can You Get Custom-Made Impact Windows? 

The manufacturing process of the impact windows is what is tested, rather than each individual window. This allows the manufacturer to make custom windows with that same process that's used for standard-sized windows. Any window in your home can have an impact window because of this.

Are The Benefits Of Impact Windows Limited To Just Windows?

Be aware that the same manufacturing process can also be used to create doors as well. This allows you to have a very large sliding glass door that has the same protection that an impact window can provide. There are limitations to how wide each panel of glass can be, but the manufacturing process will be the same as if it was a normal-sized window.

Do you still have questions or concerns about impact windows? Reach out to a local area window contractor that specializes in the selling and installation of impact windows.