Let In A Little More Natural Light

Replacement Window Options That Can Change The Look Of Your Home

Most people don't think of replacement windows as a decorative element. Rather, they are, first and foremost, a means of increasing energy efficiency and getting rid of leaks. But if you're already getting new replacement windows for your home, you might as well choose ones that boost your home's style, too! You don't even have to go out of your way to buy artistic or specialized replacement windows. These basic features, which are offered on almost all replacement windows, can change the look of your home.

Thicker or Thinner Sashes

You may have never paid attention to the thickness of your window sashes before, but if you are about to order replacement windows, it's time to take a look. Modern homes tend to have windows with thinner sashes, which means the actual glass portion of the window is larger. Older homes tend to have thicker sashes, which means there's less glass in the window. (Older window materials were not as strong, so often, thicker sashes were necessary.)

You can make your home look more modern simply by choosing windows with thinner sashes than the ones you have currently. Or, if you happen to want a more traditional look, feel free to choose windows with thicker sashes.

Grilles, or Lack Thereof

The grids that you may have going across some or all of your windows are called grilles. If you have them, you are probably used to them, but you might be shocked how different your home looks without them. Opting for windows without grilles when you've always had them can result in a cleaner, crisper look and also a home with more natural sunlight. On the other hand, if you don't have grilles, choosing windows with grilles can draw more attention to the windows and make the home look a bit cozier.

You can always change up your grille style, too! For example, if your windows have grilles that divide them into four, you can switch to grilles that divide them into 8 sections for a busier look.

Sash Color

Finally, prepare to be amazed by what a little pop of color from your window sashes can do to your home. If you choose blue, green, brown, or some other color of sashes rather than the traditional white, this will make the exterior of your home look a lot busier and more artistic. You can color just a few windows, too! This is a great way to add a colored accent without any extra effort; you were getting new windows anyways.

While efficiency and durability are great qualities to look for in replacement windows, don't forget to consider their looks, too. The right options can change the look of your home for the better.

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