Let In A Little More Natural Light

Have Motorized Window Shades Installed To Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly

Having the right window treatments installed in your windows can be a good way to make sure that you have the privacy that's important to you, as well as making sure that they're the right match for your home. If you have pets that are free to roam in your home, it's so important to carefully choose window shades that will be safe to use around them.

Rather than pick up any window shades, you can carefully look for shades that are motorized so that they're easier to use and have other benefits as well.

Look for Easy Cleaning

When you have pets at home, you could be worried that the window treatments could be tough to keep free of pet hair and dander. This can be a real problem for homes with pets that have long fur or shed a lot since it can stick to the window treatments and be difficult to remove. Instead of picking just any material for the shades, you should look for options that can be easy to take down, vacuum, or spot clean as needed.

This kind of easy cleaning will not only extend the lifespan of your window treatments but also make sure that they're not going to be damaged from pet messes.

Get Rid of Exposed Cords

When you have young pets that could be mischievous, hanging cords from your window shades could be dangerous. Not only could your pets end up trying to play with the hanging cords, but they can also make the mistake of pulling the shades down by accident.

With motorized shades, controlling the shades can be done without any hanging cords, making them a much safer option for a home with pets.

Control the Lighting with Ease

Being able to adjust the lighting in your home can be a lot easier when you look for shades that are the right thickness for what you want. If you don't want to double up on the shades or add curtains as well, you can be careful to choose shades that filter in the right amount of light and will be a good fit for your home. With pets at home, especially young ones, being able to dim the lighting can be so useful.

With the right window shades, you can feel a lot more confident about how your windows will look and whether they're a good addition to your home. When you're looking for shades that can fit into your home with your pets in mind, the above tips can be so helpful for making the decision to get motorized shades.

For more information about motorized window shades, contact a window treatment service.