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3 Reasons To Invest In Motorized Shades

If you have been thinking about adding window treatments to your windows, you should consider adding motorized shades to your home. Motorized windows treatments do more than just cover up your windows; they can provide your home with a variety of different benefits and advantages.

Reason #1: Easy to Use

Motorized shades are really easy to use. They come with a controller that you can use to adjust the height of your shades. You no longer have to grab onto a string and pull it at the right angle and try multiple times to get your shades to stop at the right place.

Many motorizes shades are also programmable. You can program when you want your shades to open and close. This can allow you to enjoy the sunshine in the morning without going around your home opening all the shades. You also don't have to worry about your shades being closed at night as your shades will automatically close each night.

With motorized shades, you can make your home more comfortable and reduce the effort it takes to open and close your window blinds every day.

Reason #2: Safer Home

The old cords that traditionally came on blinds present a safety hazard in most homes. A child could easily get caught up in the cord. A pet could also get caught up in the cord and injured. Additionally, having to reach for the cord on window treatments that are located on windows that are hard to reach can present a safety issue as well. Motorized shades help make your home safer than it was before.

Reason #3: Retain Heat

Finally, you should install window coverings, particularly motorized shades, as they can help you retain the warmth inside of your home. You can set your shades to be open during the hottest part of the day, allowing your house to warm up via the heat of the sun. In the evening, you can keep your shades down and keep the heat inside of your home. Having window coverings can help you reduce the heat that is lost from your home throughout the day, which can help lower your energy costs. Every little step you take to make your home more energy-efficient can help make your home more comfortable and make it more affordable to heat your home.

Invest in motorized window shades this year. They are really easy to use, and you can even program the shades to open and close at specific times each day. Motorized shades make your home safer and warmer. Speak with a window shades professional for more information.