Let In A Little More Natural Light

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient With New Windows And Doors

Heating and cooling your home shouldn't cost more than the mortgage payment every month. Doors and windows that do not seal tightly can allow air to get in or out of the house around them. The efficiency of the heating and cooling system will be reduced as a result, and the cost of operating it will be higher. 

Checking For Air Leaks

Checking the doors and windows in your home for air leaks is relatively simple. One homegrown trick is to light a candle and hold it close to the door or window frame. If there is air leaking through, the flame will flicker, indicating air flow. If the window frame is leaking, sealing it might not be that simple. The alternative is to replace the windows with an entirely new window and frame. If the doors in your home are old and leaking, it could be a good time to replace those as well. 

Installing New Windows

Replacing the old windows with modern ones is not overly complicated. It is a good idea to hire a professional glass company to come out and measure the windows for you. The glass company can help you select windows that are in your price point and will give you the efficiency you need for your home. If you are trying to maintain an older look, there are modern windows that are built to look the same. 

Once the windows arrive, the glass installers will come out and remove the old windows and replace them the new ones. A good installation company can replace all of the windows in a couple of days if they have the right size crew. 

Installing New Doors on Your Home

If the doors are old and leaking, it can be a good idea to replace them as well. Replacing the windows and leaving leaking doors in your house only fixes part of the problem. You will need to buy new replacement doors that are the right size for the openings that are already there but getting a door that has a pre-hung frame will save you some time. 

The contractor will remove the old door and install the new one in its place. Once the door is in place, fill the gaps around the door with insulation then new trim can be placed around the door. Transfer the handle and lock to the new door if you want to keep the existing lock in place. If you have a new lock in mind, now is the time to change it.