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Exterior Home Maintenance

You want to make sure that you pay just as much attention to the exterior of your home as you do to the interior of your home. However, the truth is many homeowners do put more attention to the interior of their home since that is the area they tend to spend the majority of their time in. When it comes to the exterior of your home, you want to make sure you pay attention to the following areas and properly maintain and/or take care of repairs before other things end up going wrong.

Keep your roof in good shape – Make it a point to look up at your roof when you are out in your yard and be sure you catch any problems that need attention. You never want to let roofing problems go for any length of time, or they will only get worse, and there can be damage to other areas of your home. Your shingles should be in good shape, the eaves should show no sign of rotting, the flashing should be secured in place, and the gutters and downspouts should be free of clogging and damage.

Watch for plumbing issues on the home's exterior – Along with keeping an eye on the condition of the roof and its parts, you also want to keep an eye open for plumbing issues when you are outside in the yard. Mysterious puddles can often be a sign of a leak with regards to your underground plumbing that can be serious. Look at the exterior faucets and verify there are no puddles under them which can indicate a leak with the faucet. Check the ends of connected hoses to verify there isn't a continuous bit of water, also indicating a leak. Look for stains on the walls which again, can also indicate a leak.

Pay attention to the condition of the windows – Look at the windows, the window screens, and the window frames to verify they are in good shape. If the frames have gone through termite or water damage in the past, they may start to lose their shape, and this can cause the windows to be more at risk of breaking due to stress. Damaged frames can also lead to air leaks and even pest infestations. If you see anything wrong with the frames, windows or screens, the sooner you have the problems repaired, the sooner you can prevent other issues.

For more information, contact your local window installation service.