Let In A Little More Natural Light

Three Good Reasons for Buying and Installing Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters on most windows are a nice decorative touch. Though they usually are decorative rather than functional, they still add plenty of interest to a home's exterior. Here are just a few good reasons for buying and installing window shutters on your home.

Curb Appeal

If windows are the "eyes" of the house, then shutters are the eyelashes. You can tell the difference immediately when you pull up in front of a home that does not have shutters versus one that does. The house without looks bare; it looks like something is missing. However, when you pull up in front of a house with shutters, the house looks more inviting, like it's winking at you or smiling warmly. The detail of shutters gives a home quite a bit of curb appeal, something to consider if you try selling your home and cannot seem to find a buyer.

Functional Protection

If your home is located in a state where hurricanes, tornadoes, and high winds are common, you have to do all you can to protect your windows. You can buy functional shutters for your windows. This type of shutter closes and locks to protect the glass in your windows. The best part is that these shutters can also provide curb appeal and be decorative.

Adding a Splash of Color

Face it; home siding colors are not exciting. They are often quite boring; brown, white, gray, blue, tan, and the occasional peach or yellow. Boring siding tends to make your home look as boring as the rest on the street. When you choose exterior shutters of a contrasting color, it gives your home a little splash of color that brightens up the drab siding color of your home. For example, bright grass green shutters look fantastic on a drab tan/brown house. The color of the shutters can really make your home pop.

A Word on Custom Shutters

Not all shutters fit all windows. In fact, if you have really large or really small windows, most of the shutters you can buy from a home improvement store will not fit the windows you have. Yet that is perfectly okay, because there are plenty of carpenters and handy-persons who can and will make custom shutters for your home. This may end up being even more fun as you can make the shutters absolutely any color you like, and you can make the shutters do very unique things, such as bi-fold over the window rather than two shutters folding in to each other to close.