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3 Red Flags That Signal It's Time For Replacement Windows

Caring for your windows is an essential part of any effective home maintenance plan. Investing in replacement windows for your property can be a costly endeavor, so it's important that you carefully take the time to consider when you should purchase somewindow replacements.

Watching for a few red flags will help you honestly evaluate the condition of your existing windows in order to justify the expense of replacing your home's windows when the time is right.

1. Pay attention to how your windows perform.

Homeowners can utilize windows to capture a cool breeze and help reduce cooling costs during warm summer months. If you find yourself avoiding the use of your windows because they are too difficult to operate, then it might be time for replacement windows.

Straining to turn the crank on an old casement window or being worried that your window will get stuck if you lift it open can negatively affect the quality of your living space. Replacing windows that no longer perform properly will ensure your home remains fully functional in the future.

2. Check for the accumulation of condensation.

Another red flag that you should be watching for when evaluating the condition of your home's windows is the accumulation of condensation on the interior surface of the glass. This condensation occurs when the window is no longer insulated against the temperature difference between your home's interior and the outside environment.

Water droplets collect on the glass, fogging up your window and making it impossible to see out of. Condensation is also an indication that the energy efficiency of your windows has been compromised. Investing in replacement windows could help you see a significant savings on your monthly utility costs.

3. Add up the time you spend maintaining your windows.

Older windows are often framed in wood that has been painted with a protective coating. Over time, this coating deteriorates and leaves your windows susceptible to water damage.

If you find that you are spending a lot of time taking care of your wood windows by scraping off the old paint and adding a new layer, then investing in replacement windows can be beneficial. New windows feature aluminum or vinyl frames that require very little maintenance. All you have to do is use a hose to wash the surface of the window frames to prevent a buildup of dirt and debris.

Reducing the time you spend maintaining your windows frees you up to complete other home improvement projects.