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Vinyl Is An Ideal Window Sash Material

If you have old windows that are drafty, out of style, and faded, installing a new product is going to be a welcome upgrade. Windows can immediately reduce your heating and cooling bills. Of course, the cost of residential window replacement is significant. while it might be a big investment, it has some long term benefits that are going to save you money. Some window materials are more energy efficient than others, so they will save you even more money. This article explains why homeowners love vinyl window sashes.

Vinyl Is Affordable 

Vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most common window sash materials. It is partly popular because it is so affordable. Not only is the initial cost of vinyl very low, it is also very cheap and easy to maintain. You never need to paint, stain, or refinish vinyl sashes in anyway. This is going to save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Vinyl Is Stylish

But vinyl isn't only used because it is affordable, it is also very stylish and energy efficient. Most people just install windows with plain window sashes. In fact, white is probably the most common color. Vinyl is actually made in a wide range of colors with varying textures. You can also find printed vinyl products. These prints, usually wood, can look great if they coordinate well with the rest of your window. For instance, if you find a wooden sash print that matches with the wood frame of your window, they can look great together. However, some people don't like these manufactured prints because they don't think they look exactly like real wood. In the end, it is really a matter of personal opinion.

Vinyl Is Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows are very energy efficient. Vinyl doesn't transfer heat as quickly as alternative materials like aluminum. This is particularly important in hot climates where heat can radiate through the window sashes. Vinyl windows can also work great in cold climates. The level of insulation obviously depends on what product you buy. But, you can find a vinyl product with the right insulation for any climate, even the coldest and wettest on the planet.

It is easy to see why residential properties are increasingly been kitted with vinyl window sashes. They are undeniably practical, they have great energy efficiency ratings, and they can look great on any style of home. Talk to professionals at companies like Kemp's Windows Inc to learn more.