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Tips For Getting Your Windows Perfectly Clean

One of the biggest complaints a lot of people have is that when they go to clean their windows, that they end up with a lot of streaks or they feel as though they simply cannot get all of the dirt off. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you are going to have the cleanest windows possible, you will want to read through the suggestions offered below:

Use Caution When Selecting Water To Use

Some people choose to dilute their window cleaning solution and that is fine, but if that is something that you want to do, you need to take an extra step. You need to be aware of the type of water that you are using to dilute the solution, as tap water may not be your best choice. The reason for this is because of the harsh chemicals that are often left behind in tap water. Bottled distilled water would be a better choice, as it will not have those minerals that can contribute to the creation of streaks on your windows.

Use Vinegar When Nothing Else Is Available

Too many people make the mistake of attempting to use plain tap water or some other type of commercial cleaner on their windows when they run out of window cleaner. Should you run out and you are not yet ready to run to the store for more, you can take some of the vinegar from your kitchen and mix it with an equal part of distilled water. Pour that into a spray bottle and you have a quality window cleaner that will not leave any streaks behind. You might notice a strong smell, but that will dissipate so it is nothing to worry about.

Stop Using Paper Towels

When cleaning your windows, you have to put just as much thought into what you are using with the cleaning solution. Some people believe that paper towels are a great option because they are disposable. However, the problem with this is that paper towels are well known for leaving small traces of lint, which can become very hard to get off of the window so it appears to be truly clean. Instead, toss out the paper towels and add clean soft cotton rags to our cleaning supplies. 

If you still find that you need help with the cleaning of your windows, whether because you are not able to physically do it or you do not have a lot of free time, you will want to consider hiring a professional. There are professional window cleaners out there that can come to your home at predetermined intervals in order to always keep your windows crystal clear and clean. For more information, contact companies like Exclusive Window Cleaning.