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Breaking Down 3 Myths About Replacing Your Windows

Here is a breakdown of a couple of different myths that many people have about replacing windows in their homes.

#1 Lifetime Doesn't Always Mean an Entire Lifetime

One of the first things that you need to realize is that a lifetime warranty does not mean it will cover the window for a human lifetime. You need to read the fine print when you are looking at window warranties. A lifetime warranty is for the lifetime of the window that the company that manufactures the window has determined it to be. That could be five years or two decades, so make sure that you read the fine print in order to really understand how long the warrant actually is. You are going to want to purchase windows that have a warrant that last a couple of decades; that is how long a quality window should last before you need to replace it. The warranty lets you know how effective the windows are and the confidence the manufacturer has in their windows.

#2 Be Careful With Window Sales

Second, be careful with sales on windows. You'll often see window sales that are advertised as being $99 per window. Oftentimes, these really low window costs are hiding additional fees, such as manufacturing costs and shipping costs. If you see a window sale, make sure that you ask and find out what the true cost of purchasing the windows you need are. Whenever you see a window sale, make sure you know if there are any manufacturing costs, shipping costs and installation costs as well.

#3 Go For The Best Windows

Don't go for cheap quality windows when replacing your windows. You are not just replacing your windows; you are upgrading your home. It is important to use the best quality products when upgrading your home. With windows, you are going to want to purchase windows that have multiple panes, for example, double or triple pane windows will help keep the temperatures in your home more consistent and will help you reduce your energy costs. Installing a low quality window could cause condensation to build on your windows, allow air drafts into your house, and reduce your energy costs.

Triple pane windows can work in areas with extreme cold and hot temperatures, and they can also be effective in milder regions as well. Make sure that you also choose high-quality window frame material, which will also help reduce your energy costs.